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    Jun 5, 2017


    _Unknown_Name_ (most of peoples know me as Yosei)

    20 (20 September 1997)

    How long have you been playing Zirone:
    Since about 1 year, when it was still Vulcan.

    What is your timezone:

    UTC+2 (France)

    How many hours a day do you play:
    3/4h each day for the week and 8/10 week end (8/10 vacations but after that depends if I have stuff to do )

    Are you Respectful/Respected:
    I'm respectful and i also think respected.

    What can you do to benefit Zirone:
    I speak French and English and i'm never afk when i'm on Zirone so i can watch "not nice peoples"

    Why should we chose YOU over other applicants:
    I've been here for some time now and I do not want to be only player but also actor of Zirone and participate for the community.

    Do you have any former experience being a staff member on a minecraft server:
    I was moderator in the meantime and I create the rules of a server, his contract because we were a team, applications for grades and oral interviews but I still do not actually moderate because the server in question will never open in the end.

    Have you ever been banned on Zirone:
    Not that I remember so no.

    Scenario 1: You see someone spamming the chat but they won't stop, what would you do [if anything]:
    I warn him to stop clearly 1 time and if he still continue, Kick and Mute 10min if again.

    Scenario 2: you see someone saying in helpop that there is a hacker in pvp but there are no mods on, what do you do? [if anything]:
    I put myself in spectator and I go to observe it to see it with my eyes, if I see the facts reported or anything else, I record it and I ban him 1 month.

    Scenario 3: You see someone advertising their shop every 15 seconds, what do you do? [if anything]:
    Same as the 1st scenario but mute 30min this time.

    Scenario 4: You see someone say a homophobic remark in /m, what do you do? [if anything]:
    I warn him on private message to stop and if he continue or provocate me, mute 2hours, if again mute 1day.

    Scenario 5: You see someone abusing staff/player in /m, what do you do? [if anything]:
    Warn with explication on pm, kick, mute 2h if harrass player and 3h against STAFF.

    Scenario 6: You see someone say a popular server name in chat, what do you do? [if anything]:
    if he spammed it, Ban perm, and if he say it 1 time, i clear the tchat and ban 3days.

    Thank you for reading,
    Have a nice and goodday.
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    Apr 12, 2018
    Nice app dude.
    Appreciate it.
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    May 2, 2017
    Ok good application some of the scenarios would need to be changed but most of them are good

    and overall good application

    you are active

    good luck
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    Jun 25, 2018
    good luck yosei nice app!