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    Mar 3, 2018
    Minecraft Username: iHowl

    Age: 11

    How long have you been playing Zirone: 3 weeks

    What is your timezone: Chicago, US

    How many hours a day do you play: 2-4 hours

    Are you Respectful/Respected: Yes, I try to be as nice as possible.

    What can you do to benefit Zirone: Help getting hackers banned, by the way I just found a hacker using Auto-Shift, SyrSer reported him.

    Why should we chose YOU over other applicants: Because I am quite familiar with the game, I studied all of the enchants, and I have a lot of free time to help players.

    Do you have any former experience being a staff member on a minecraft server: Not quite, but I applied a few times.

    Have you ever been banned on Zirone: No, I don't hack and I am respectful.

    Scenario 1: You see someone spamming the chat but they won't stop, what would you do [if anything]: /warn [user] Spamming | Character Spam - if they don't stop: /mute [user] 15 minutes | char spam.

    Scenario 2: you see someone saying in helpop that there is a hacker in pvp but there are no mods on, what do you do? [if anything]: I would make sure they are hacking, /kick them for [client] and if they keep coming on I will try my best to either get a Mod on or handle it.

    Scenario 3: You see someone advertising their shop every 15 seconds, what do you do? [if anything]: I would warn them, and if they keep advertising: /mute [user] 10 minutes | chat spamming

    Scenario 4: You see someone say a homophobic remark in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: I would warn them once and remind them to be respectful of others. Possibly mute them for 60 minutes.

    Scenario 5: You see someone abusing staff/player in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: I'd /m them not to take advantage of others and possibly mute them if they cannot handle talking with others.

    Scenario 6: You see someone say a popular server name in chat, what do you do? [if anything]: /mute [user] | 60 minutes - because I've learned from other servers that advertising is not tolerated and immediate ban usually. Although if a mod is on I would wait and notify them instead.

    I know you are very busy Lrki so if you read this, thank you for spending your time listening to me. =)