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    Jun 6, 2017
    Hello! You might be here because you need a little guide for skyblock!

    Starting off:

    /island (Opens a menu to make/costumize your island/skyblock)
    /rewards (Opens a menu to give you a daily reward)
    /kit (Opens a menu for you to take the kits, which include items)
    /vote (Gives you the links to vote, voting gives you awesome rewards!)

    In depth description:

    /island is a menu where you can make your island, go to your island, see the level of your island, restart your island and see the members of your island.

    /rewards is just a menu every 24 hour where you can claim your reward.

    /kit is a menu where you choose your kit, which is basically where you choose your items, the default kit is the first kit you get!

    /vote lets you vote! Simple!

    More important commands:
    /auctionhouse (Opens a menu where you can sell and buy other players items)
    /customenchants (Opens a costum enchant menu)
    /warp (List of warps)
    /shop (Opens the shop)
    /tpa [player] (Allows you to send a teleportation request to a friend)
    /sethome (Allows you to set a home)
    /home (Allows you to go to your home)
    /msg [player] (Allows you to message a friend)
    /buy (Opens the buycraft menu)
    /island invite [player] (Lets you invite a friend to your island)

    And there's alot more you can find out yourself about, on !

    - tl73
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    Jul 2, 2017
    Thanks! Very helpful.
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    Jul 2, 2017
    Glad to see players helping other players :D