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    Jul 2, 2018
    Minecraft Username: Davyplayz
    Age 15
    How long have you been playing Zirone: 1 season of skyblock
    What is your timezone: i live in belgium so when u gys go sleep i wake up
    How many hours a day do you play: i play almost everyday
    Are you Respectful/Respected: i am respectfull but if i need to i can be hard
    Do you have any former experience being a staff member on a minecraft server: i was a helper before on a server but i quit beacuse the server stopped
    and like now if i see new people join i am like hey need some stuff so de have a good start
    Why should we chose YOU over other applicants: you should choice me beacuse i am almost every hour online ik how to catch hackers and how to fix problems
    What can you do to benefit Zirone: i am a good helper been one on a server server is been removed lately su x but ye i cant redo it but i was a good helper there
    ============================================================================Have you ever been banned on Zirone:
    i have been banned once for antieknockback but everyone knows now i was lagging and dident take knockback
    Scenario 1 if i see people talking shit to people instand mute for 1 hour if i need to mute twice 1day
    if people need me i wil be there alwayes for them de can call me every i hope i can beacome a helper
    Scenario 2 like if people promote there oown server insta mute
    Scenario 3 if people trying scam and de can teel me to insta go in gm3 and watch what there doing
    Scenario 4 You see someone abusing staff/player in /m, what do you do? [if anything]: In a case were someone is abusing a staff or player in /m I would verbally warn them if its miner and in an extreme case i would /warn them, if they continue I would screen shot the chat and temp mute them
    Scenario 5 You see someone say a popular server name in chat, what do you do? [if anything]:I would warn the player not to say other server names in the chat and if he continues to talk about other servers I would screen shot the chat and temp mute him Like now a gy spammed me with tps and ramdom things maked screes and sended it to lrki/admin/helper
    Scenario 6 If u wanne now more about me go on discord add me Davy#4455
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