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Hey everyone,

So to begin, we’d like to thank you all for hanging on while we’ve been working behind the scenes to fix a number of issues that arose from the major version upgrade. Last season had it's fair share of bugs, however we have had some time to refine and solve most of the issues we were faced with.

Moving forward with this season, there will be some planned upgrades and introduction of new features and a revival of some older features such as Mob Coins. We look forward to being able to share with you guys some of the new features we have planned.

One new feature you'll notice on logging in this season, is the addition of upgrade-able furnaces. Upgrading your furnaces will bring several benefits which are as follows:
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Improved performance
  • Increased rewards
Furthermore, you will also be able to smelt down your unneeded items into their raw materials. i.e. A diamond sword will smelt down and give you 2 diamonds.

Store Changes:
To start off this season, we have overhauled the whole store. This includes the addition of new items, along with a vast change in pricing for all items on the store to better reflect each items value. We have removed the 'Rank Upgrades' section, as the ranks are now cumulative. Therefore making the 'Rank Upgrades' section defunct.

Alongside the price changes and additions to the store, there has also been a change in what purchases will rollover across all seasons. As of today, all of the following things will rollover to each season:
  • Ranks
  • Autosell (/autosell)
  • Fly (/fly)
  • Rename (/rename)
  • All Trails/Wings Builder
The following things will not be transferred:
  • Inventories
  • Ender Chests
  • Player Vaults
  • All worlds & builds
  • McMMO Levels
  • In game currency
  • In game ranks (ranks purchased through in game methods)

Lastly we'd also like to announce that there will be 2 separate competitions running...
Hi everyone,
We are wrapping up another season of SkyBlock tomorrow (16th) and announcing the winners of our competition very soon!!

It’s been a busy season for us, ironing out some bugs from a major version upgrade and some new plugins. While it wasn’t as seamless as we had hoped, this quick season has let us refine and update our SkyBlock so we can

1. Offer you guys all the newest features of minecraft
2. Minimise the time, effort and incompatibilities for any future updates

We would like to thank all you our players from the season for the effort they put in, the help they have given through this transition but mostly, for being a part of our community on ZironeNetwork.

We are excited to get the next season started, there still some minor refining to go yet, but we are confident that the benefits of this upgrade will be clear as we roll out server features we know that you will all love.
With all the new features we have implimented into ZironeNetwork, we have encountered some errors on launch... To fix the constant issues everyone was having we have decided it would be best to roll back the server to guarentee the problems are resolved. We regret that some players may may loose progress progress but in order to compensate here's a 5$ Buycraft coupon!


his code will only be active for the next 24 hours. We apologise for any inconvience caused!
I'd like to proudly announce that Lrki and I are ready to launch ZironeNetwork! After weeks and weeks of working, we've finally finished! This means, tomorrow at 2pm PST we will unwhitelist it. The server is starting off JUST skyblock, with all new stuff. Including, cracked! Meaning anyone can join with our without minecraft.


Custom Ore Gen:

Custom, Amazing Islands w/ gui:

New pvp arena :):

Fps PVP arena:

Many many more features, come join to find out what they are ;).​
Whats up,

Zirone, once it launches we will start our $300 In real life giveaway. It will end and the three winners will be decided at the end of the map. The winners will also be paid out the day of the map ending. Not weeks later. It will be instant.

  • Can be paid out via crypto/paypal/amazon​
  • Money goes to the ISLAND LEADER​
  • #1 Island gets $150​
  • #2 Island gets $50​
  • #3 Island gets $100 BUYCRAFT​
  • Winner is decided based on /is top​
  • Have fun, make this a friendly competition.​
Enjoy guys :).​

Lrki and I have brought you ZironeNetwork. It's the new VulcanMC.

We have decided to go with the rebrand because we are trying a whole new method of server. It'll be the same skyblock but redone and new features and all rethemed with new builds, announcements, ranks, etc.

We are staying skyblock ONLY till we have a very good amount of players. Then we will bring factions, prison, perhaps even minigames. Lets just see our growth first ;).

Post thoughts, and suggestions below.

Kind of a long time ago I bought the first rank that had fly.
This was on the server FrostySB, I do not have any proof of me buying it bcs It was a long time ago as I said.
Could I get my rank back? I think I had Premium, my IGN = IDoss4God

I'm sick and tired of people betraying friends. So today that comes to an end here on zirone. Griefing and stealing is banable. IF you do get stolen from, and or griefed. We can now trace it, and roll back any damage done to your island.

Many many many more updates to come in next few days along with bug fixes and adjustments. This is the beginning of something very, very great. Stay tuned. :)
Hey everyone,

Prior to the launch of Zirone, we're giving you the chance to make sure your rank is back where it belongs before you play.

In order to do this, simply use this format.

Server Rules
Failure to agree to these rules will end up in being punished for it.

English only in Main Chat

Nice an simple, keep the main chat to English only. Other languages are allowed in PM, just not in the main chat.

Spamming Chat / Filter Bypass
Please refrain from spamming chat. This will result in the offences correctly ordered by a warn, a kick and a mute. Excessive amounts after being told to stop will result in a Temp-ban.

Types of spam we punish for :

Spam of /report
Letter Spam
Symbol Spam
Spam of /suicide
Item spam
Message Spam (On Staff, they will help once they can)

Keep Swearing Outside of Public Chat

We are an all aged server. Please keep the swearing outside of public chat and if you choose to do so; use it in island chat / team chat. This will result in the offences correctly ordered by a warn, a kick and a mute. Excessive amounts after being told to stop will result in a Temp-ban.

Sexual Remarks / Racial Slurs

Please refrain from any related topics / discussion about this.
Some examples are:

-Judging a Culture

There are many unique reasons from some of the examples stated above. Please do not judge others. This will result in the offences correctly ordered by a warn, a kick and an extended mute. Tempbans are an optional occurrence here depending on the level of the punishment.

Death Threats / Suicide Encouragement

2 Hour Mute
, no exceptions. Excessive amounts of the repeated rule breaking will result in a tempban / perm ban.

Staff Disrespect / harassment

3 Hour Mute
, no exceptions. Excessive amounts of the repeated rule breaking will result in temp ban.