I have been running this server for around a year now and, although it hasn't always been easy, we have enjoyed every last minute of it. Over the past month we have been working on a major update for the entire server. You can already see some of the changes we have made to the forums, and we are going to be doing something similar to the network.

Our entire network is having a full server revamp!

We have hired a build team to create us new spawns and lots of maps for everyone to play. As well as this, we have a new and completely unique gamemode coming out for those of you that enjoy blowing things up. You are always welcome to create videos on our server and, similarly, streamers and YouTubers will be on the network in the upcoming days and weeks.

All current gamemodes on our network will be updated. One of the less popular servers, survival, will be replaced with a brand new gamemode called 'Core Destruct'. We will have some planned downtime to move to an even speedier hosting provider.

Our goals are to be lag free and enjoyable - we always try to put our community first.

The planned release date is the 8th August but please be aware that everything has been recreated from scratch so Crunkle and Gwism will need time to fix bugs after the official release.

We hope you enjoy the changes, hundreds of hours of development has gone in to this!
Hello and welcome to the new look.

I have been working on this site for the past few weeks and hope it opens the doors to a new chapter in our network's history. We have many changes coming up in the next few days and hopefully you enjoy them all. As per usual, the new design is relatively new and may still have small bugs and glitches. Feel free to let me know if you find any glitches, permission errors or strange happenings on the website.

Some notable changes are listed below:
  • Post ratings have been fixed
  • Website is now mobile compatible
  • Offloaded hosting for speed improvement
  • An improve home page (with a slider)
  • An auto-updating Twitter feed
  • A server player counter (pending changes)
  • Permissions have been revamped
  • Articles have been added (like this one)
  • A new website, obviously ;)
I know I am going to eventually get the question regarding why this thread looks strange. The answer to that is simply because it a news update and they display differently to regular threads. For example, they will show on the home page and users will be notified when important changes happen across our network.

Thanks again for sticking with us throughout our journey!

P.S. Yes, I will add back all of the other annoying emoji ratings... maybe not the inappropriate ones.
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